Two Poems

some innocent enquiries

if this is War, does the Manhattan carnage count as Collateral Damage?
if this is War, do dead Afghani civilians count as casualties to grieve?
Which winner of the Nobel Peace Prize could be indicted as a War Criminal?
Which Rogue State has appointed, as its Ambassador to the UN, a man believed to have been directly implicated in financing and training terrorist groups?
Which Rogue State has refused to recognise the UN-sponsored International Criminal Court?
Which Rogue State bankrolled the Contra?
Which Rogue State bankrolled the Taliban?
Which Rogue State bankrolled Osama Bin Laden?
Which Rogue State bankrolled Saddam Hussein?
Who said 'tut-tut' when Saddam gassed 5000 Kurds?
Which Rogue State bankrolled et cetera et cetera et cetera?
Who bankrolled Hamas against the PLO?
Who promoted Idi Amin?
Who killed Lumumba, Sukarno, Allende?
Which Rogue State loves the gun?
What is 'Terrorism'?
Who taught 'terrorists' what they need to know, in South-West Scotland, in North-West Scotland?
Does the CIA read Nostradamus?
Were the Twin Towers architecturally sound?
Who said Forrest Gump is fiction?

Hiroshima, Nagasaki
Napalm, Agent Orange
Sabra, Shatila?
Bloody Sunday?
Large or small scale,
Who is guilty, Who is innocent?

Werner Von Braun,
whose side are you on?
What is Good?
What is Evil?
Whose Good?
Whose Evil?
Whose Just War?
What will it change?

Remember young Gavrilo Princip

What if we
feed the angry,
feed the angry?

- Aeonghas Macnieacoil


Not to certainly means
worsening conditions
inevitable defeat.

To engage in action
even if you lose
means dignity at least.

It also means
just could mean
that you actually win.

But it's more than that
for in the process
people change.

They awaken and grow
like desert seeds
receiving rain.

And give to others
a sense of vision
and possible dreams.

Used with the kind permission of Jim Aitken.