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Frontline Volume 2 Issue 13The Tory honeymoon is over as thousands of students take to the streets to take militant action and workers begin drawing up plans to resist the cuts. In this issue we look at the impact of the crisis in Ireland and France and what lessons we need to draw here.

Editorial Blood and Circuses

Time to unite and fight on key issues facing working people
Colin Fox looks at the political landscape in Scotland

Ireland: The absolute failure of austerity
Donagh Brennan of Irish Left Review on the economic crisis in the Republic

What future for a united left in scotland?
Gregor Gall on the prospects for socialist unity in the wake of recent legal soap operas

In defence of nature
Hugo Blanco, Peruvian revolutionary, on the social and ecological struggles of indigenous peoples in Latin America.

French lessons on fighting austerity
Murray Smith on the new wave of struggle in France

Click here for an updated article on France.

Made in Dagenham but still a work in progress
Anthea Irwin on the equal pay act 40 years on.

Remembering Jimmy Reid
Chik Collins on the life of the Clydesider

Edwin Morgan - People’s Makar
A look back at the life of Edwin Morgan by Mary Macgregor

The Ballad of Joe Hill
Bill Scott on the story behind the song