frontline volume 2, issue 5

Frontline October 2007 cover

The future for the worldwide struggle to change society is examined in this issue of Frontline. From the state of the Global Justice Movement to the new struggles in Latin America we look at the international situation. Plus, looks back at ten years of devolution and twenty five years since the Malvinas/Falklands war.

Editorial - Northern Rock and a Hard Place

What happened to the Global Justice Movement?
Frances Curran looks at the state of the anti-war and global justice movements.

Migration and the Trade Unions.
Gregor Gall examines the impact of immigration on the trades-union movement.

Respect: Crisis or a New Opportunity?
Alan Thornett on the developing split between George Galloway and the SWP in Respect.

Blood in the South Atlantic
The Malvinas/Falklands War was 25 years ago. Bill Bonnar looks back at the causes of the conflict and the response of the left.

Venezuela: On The Road to Socialism?
Patrick O’Hare talks about the direction of the Chavez government in Venezuela and the popular movement which supports it.

Pakistan: Military Cracks Down
Farooq Tariq tells the story of his detention as part of the crack down on protest by the dictatorship.

We report on the crushing of Burma’s democratic uprising.

Ecuador: A Tremendous Advance
Hugo Blanco reports dramatic developments in Ecuador.

Alex Millar looks at Parenti’s ‘The Culture Struggle’.

Radical Song
In our regular series Bill Scott writes about Spanish Civil War song ‘Jarama’.