frontline 7 - No to the Euro

Debate: Socialists and the Euro

The SSP special conference on 22 June will decide how the party should approach the expected referendum on Britain joining the Euro. SSP members Gordon Morgan and Nick Rogers debate the key points.
Gordon is the secretary of the Pollokshaws Road branch and was active in the 1975 "Labour Vote No" campaign against the EEC referendum. Nick has been a member of the SSP since February 1999, is currently Kelvin branch secretary and is not a member of any platform.

You can read Nick's contribution here: Socialists must face up to the EU

A brief summary of the origins of the EU can be found here.

Against a bosses Europe - Vote No to the Euro.

Whilst over 500,000 demonstrated on the streets of Barcelona at the European Union (EU) summit against globalisation and imperialist aggression, Blair and Berlusconi plotted how best to diminish workers rights throughout the (EU). With the launch of the Euro, European capital has entered a new phase of integration. The costs of trade between EU countries has been reduced by introducing a single currency. The stage is set for cross border expansion of the largest firms, centralisation of production and cost reductio