frontline vol. 2 issue 2. Contents

frontline 2


A Grassroots Road to Socialism
Frances Curran MSP on building a democratic rank and file party.

Party crisis in retrospect and context
Gregor Gall on the background to the SSP crisis.

Lessons Learned and Looking to the future
Pam Currie interviews SSP policy coordinator Alan McCombes

The SSP, Democracy and Women.
Carolyn Leckie MSP on what the party crisis has said about the socialist attitude towards women.

Lebanon Under the Hammer.
Nick McKerrell on the issues surrounding Israel’s brutal invasion of Lebanon.

Occupation, Resistance and Civil War in Iraq.
Lebanese socialist Gilbert Achcar on the situation in Iraq.

Salute the Heroes of the Republic.
This year is the 70th anniversary of the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War which remains a source of passion and controversy on the left. Bill Bonnar gives his view of this colossal struggle.

Alister Black remembers Ted Grant who died in July.

Alex Miller reviews ‘Marx’s Das Kapital: A Biography’ by Frances Wheen.

Socialist Song.
Bill Scott on the origins of the Internationale