general strike Madrid 20th June 2002

We have covered the developing world movement against capitalism and globalisation since its beginning. We present below articles of interest on this topic.

European Social Forum Paris 2003 Report - Article from Frontline 12

The dynamics of the Venezuelan revolution - Article from Frontline 11

Bolivia Rises - Article from Frontline 11

General strike in Spain
Pictures of the General strike in Madrid.

Barcelona - 500, 000 against capitalism and war - from Frontline 7

Asia-Pacific Solidarity Conference - from Frontline 7

Argentina Coverage
A Revolution in the making - article from Frontline 6
Argentina - Workers' Control in Zanón's ceramic millsFrom the PTS in Argentina.

EU summit faces opposition
Conference of the Anti-Capitalist Left, Brussels December 2001

War and the Anti-Globalisation Movement Andy Pollack, New York

The future of the anti-globalisation movement A paper by François Chesnais, Claude Serfati and Charles-Andre Udry which was first circulated for discussion during the international conference on globalisation held at La Villette, 30 November 2 December 2000. Its authors are involved in the anti-globalisation movement in France and Switzerland and have written extensively on the subject.

ICFTU Call for day of action on November 9th - by Andrew Pollack in New York (August 2001)

After Genoa - Frontline 03 editorial (August 2001)

Imperialism in the age of globalisation - article from Carré Rouge reprinted in Frontline 03 (August 2001)

Eyewitness report from Genoa from an ISM supporter (July 2001)

Genoa G8 summit - magnificent movement against the system. Free jailed protestors! (July 2001)

Montreal City protests reports from Canada

The Politics of the Anti-FTAA Movement in Canada

Anti-globalization and its discontents - Raghu Krishnan and B. Skanthakumar Toronto and London - (February 2001)

Nice Summit report (December 2000)

Report from Seattle