French Left Moves Forward in Local Elections.

Statement on the significant vote achieved by the left in the
French local elections, from the LCR website <>

LCR Communication

On the first round of the municipal elections held on 11th March 2001.

The first round of the municipal elections has confirmed the overall trend
in French politics. The balance of power between the left and right has been

The traditional right has been split by internal divisions, particularily in
Paris and Lyon. As a result of the liberal policies of Jospin, government
voters on the left have not mobilised behind "plural left"* lists. The
results of the far left and the radical left have confirmed, once again, the
existence of, and have increased the opening for the forces opposed to the
governments policies and which are looking for an anti-capitalist

The overall results of the far left of the LCR, the LO and of other lists
opposed to the government have exceeded 10% and even 14-15% in many
'communes'**. In this context the '100% left' lists put forward and
supported by the LCR have made their first significant breakthrough.
Presented in 93 communes, these lists have made progress and have achieved
impressive results in the following towns.

Millau : 10.92%, Louviers :10.11%, Aureillan : 10.11 %, Pessac : 6.50%,
Cenon : 8.43%, St martin d'heres: 7%, Guesnain : 14.5 %, Lhomme : 5.94%,
Alençon : 8.13%, Clermont Ferrand : 8.6%, Montpeller 4.8%, Marseille 1er
secteur :6.5%, Bayonne : 6.43, Canteleu : 13.42%, St etienne du Rouvray :
11.8%, Savigny 10%, ELboeuf : 5.68%, Gennevilliers : 9.45%, St Denis 5.4%

*(this denotes the SP-CP govt)
**(municipal areas)