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Workers employed at Johnson textile plant in Santiago who are members of
Johnson's Number 1 Trade Union, have walked out on indefinite strike. The
President of the union, vilma Alvarez, is member of Democracia Obrera, the
Chilean section of the CWI.

The strike is likely to be long and bitter. The production workers, who are
members of the Number 1 Union, have been victim of open discrimination and
repression by the management. The union has a militant record of struggle.
The most recent discrimination was shown in recent negotiations. The
employers made an offer to the clerical and technical staff, members of
another union, Number 2, to increase wages by between 2-15% and also make a
bonus payment of US$1,000. No offer was made to the manual workers who have
walked out. The production workers have not had a wage increase for four
years promptly walked out on indefinate strike. They are asking for the same
offer to be made to them.

Johnson Number 1 Union has made an appeal for international support and
solidarity. Messages of support should be rushed to:

Vilma Alvarez
Sindicato Numero 1 Johnson's
Fax/phone ++ 56 2 554 5409.

Letters of protest supporting these workers should be sent to

Ricardo Breder
Gerencia de Personal

++ 56 2 3807490 or ++ 56 2 5102177