East Timor Crisis

Demo in Jakarta, Indonesia

Demo in Jakarta, Indonesia

We will try to keep this site updated with news from East Timor and the reaction of the workers movement to events there.

The entry of UN troops into East Timor at the invitation of Indonesian President Habibie has brought a new dimension to the crisis. Debate continues on the left regarding this. Should socialists support a UN force? Some, such as the Indonesian socialists in the PRD believe they should. We carry a press statement from the PRD below. The CWI are opposed to any UN intervention - imperialism has no progressive role to play in this or any other conflict. Real power should lie with the East Timorese people. The workers movement should rally round Timorese resistance and support a democratically accountable armed force. A fuller statement from the CWI is carried below.

The maneuvres of Habibie and particularily the Indonesian military have provoked fresh demonstrations in the Indonesian capital Jakarta. Several students have been killed in violent attacks by the military during protests. We carry a statement on this from the People's Democratic Party of Indonesia (PRD) as well as material from the East Timorese Socialist Party (PST.)

The PRD has called a national council to prepare for the next period. The CWI has sent solidarity greetings to the conference.

CWI Solidarity greetings to the PRD

PRD Call for solidarity against militarism/PST Statement on War Crimes in East Timor

There have also been acts of solidarity throughout the world. These include massive demonstrations in Australia and action by trades unions.

Details of action by international transport workers.

CWI statement on East Timor

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Press statement from the Indonesian PRD and from Indonesian trades unionists

Article on East Timor situation (edited version appeared in The Socialist in the UK)

Leaflet produced by Australian Militant Socialist Organisation

CWI Website (Note new URL)

Militant Socialist Organisation website

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