Isreali Teachers Strike

Report from Maavaak Sozialisti, Isreali section of the CWI


Israeli teachers are on strike against the erosion of their paltry wages
over the last six years. They are demanding a 15% pay rise, while the
treasury is prepared to consider giving them only a miserly 1.2% rise. This
comes at a time when Members of Knesset and other senior public officials
are awarding themselves a fat 6% pay rise - their pay rise alone is equal to
many teachers gross monthly salaries!
The strike is already in its fourth day, and today mass meetings of teachers
are being held across the country.

Comrades are urged to send messages of support to the striking teachers:

Avraham Ben Shabbat, General Secretary of the Teachers Union
Fax number: ++ 972 3 692 2955.

Alternatively, messages of support can be emailed to us at

See the Maavak Sozialisti website at