More Attacks on Workers Movement in Kazakhstan

On 30th January the Workers' Movement of Kazakhstan organised a National Day of Action in protest at increasing prices and wage delays.

The authorities refused permission for the protests (as it almost always does) thus making it illegal for anyone to participate. Needless to say the protests went ahead.

In Alma Ata the police tried to arrest Madel Ismailov (Member of CWI) and well known leader of the opposition. They started to severely beat him in front of other demonstrators
who intervened. 500 rescued him from the police and marched him to the House of Democracy where they stayed until the police gave a guarantee that Madel would not be arrested.

In Karaganda, 6 leaders of the protest were arrested including Victor Zhiluba, member of the CWI. It is not known whether they have been released yet, it is normal practice to hold
people for the maximum possible - 15 days. Victor has faced constant harassment for the past 2 years, he was recently threatened by the authorities with being sent to a psychiatric

Moscow comrades are picketing the Moscow embasy on 6th February.

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Procuror, Republic of Kazakhstan,