Protest Letter from the Committee for a Workers' International

To the Nigerian Government and Lagos State Authorities:

Hands off Ayodele Akele and all striking workers!
Agree to their demand for a 7,500 Naira minimum wage

The Committee for a Workers’ International, with sections in every continent, vehemently protests the kidnapping by state forces on 4 July of Akele - Chair of the AUPCTRE union in Lagos and leader of the Lagos State public sector workers,. First they arrest him. Then they say they are not holding him and that the story has been concocted by his party - the Democratic Socialist Movement. Then this captors release him! This is a gross attempt to break the strike of state employees for a minimum wage of 7,500 Naira.

We also condemn the beating and killing on July 5 by police thugs of one of the strikers and the arrest of 4 others. No worker’s life or freedom should be in jeopardy when he or she exercises his or her democratic right to strike and to protest.

These attempts to intimidate workers will only have the opposite effect of that intended and make workers even more determined to win their demands.

We believe the civilian regime is adopting the tactics of the old military rulers and worse. The Federal government will say the matter is not in their hands. But the Federal government can easily overrule the local authorities where it sees injustices, repression and persecution of workers’ leaders taking place.

We are also extremely concerned to hear that threats are being made behind the scenes to "deal with" the General Secretary of the DSM - Segun Sango. The DSM is a constituent part of the Committee for a Workers’ International. If any harm is done to any DSM member the CWI will organise a wave of protests by every one of our sections.

These threats must be stopped along with all intimidation and state brutality against the workers’ movement. If any more workers are killed or attacks made against the unions or workers’ parties in Nigeria, you will be held responsible and an outcry will be heard worldwide.

End state repression of workers’ movement in Nigeria.
Ensure the strikers get the full demand on the minimum wage!

International Secretariat
Committee for a Workers’ International

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