HELP US NOW! - Thousands of Pakistan Workers Arrested!

Act now to defend Labour Party Pakistan

The "Alliance for the Restoration of Democracy" leadership, including Farooq Tariq, General
Secretary of the Pakistan Labour Party, LPP, have been arrested [the ARD includes
all main opposition and democratic forces in Pakistanorganising against the
military dictatorship]. Today on 21 March, the police arrested the leadership of
ARD from the leader of Muslim League's residence, where they were gathered in a
meeting to finalise arrangements regarding 23 March public procession for
restoration of democracy. The meeting started at 4pm during which the police
entered the residence and arrest all the gathered leadership, including Farooq
Tariq. Before that government arrested several thousand workers from their homes
the previous night. Labour party condemned that arrest, which is totally negation
of Human rights and constitutional rights. LPP demand the immediate release of
the leadership. However, the Labour Party is determined to hold the processionon
23 March at Lahore. Please sent protest letters to the Chief Executive of
Pakistan to e-mail - with a copy to Sonja at e-mail -


Shoaib Bhatti

Chairman LPP