Public Sector Strike in Portugal

Drivers and cleaners for local councils in Portugal have been taking industrial action. Portugese socialists are appealing for international solidarity.

Thanks for the support you have given already. However, we need immediate help once again.

Yesterday, the Mayor of Sintra Council, Presidente Edite Estrela sent a private company to remove the trash and also sent the police force to stop the action of strikers.

In two separate incidents the police (PSP) and the National Gard (GNR) assaulted the workers as they tried to stop the action of the private company. A striker was arrested and will now go on trial on grounds of 'disobeying authority'.

However, the determination of the strikers and the solidarity of working
class people stopped this attempt to break the strike.

Please send solidarity messages to:

Sintra cleaners' and drivers' strikers -
Sindicato dos Trabalhadores da Administração Local - STAL (the Union) -
And protest messages to:

Camara Muncipal de Sintra
Presidente Edite Estrela
fax + 21 923 86 56

With copies to
fax ('For the Attention of': Francisco Raposo, delegado sindical do STML)
+ 21 342 50 01