Immediate investigation of Oleg Maksakov's murder!

A year ago, the 13th march 1999, the workers leader Oleg Yurievich Maksakov,
co-chairman of the Union of the Workers Trade Union "Defense" from the
Astrakan region, was murdered.

Oleg Yurievich Maksakov, in those moments was investigating the financial
crimes of the "Promstroy" enterprise managers, was shot by the back. Of
course the competent authorities till now haven't found the murderers.

Oleg Yurievich was appreciated with justice as the best strategist and
organizer of the social protests. Oleg knew how to lead workers, the
majority believed in him and followed his lead. He was an audacious and
brave fighter, who without fearing, pointed out the way to workers.
Permanently Oleg thought about his comrades security aspired to organize in
the Astrakan province self-defence squads. Even in practice he had started
that project. For many prominent figure Maksakov's activity and that of the
"Defence" Union was a fish bone in their throat. Oleg Maksakov's death is
only useful to the capitalists and powers in the region. Oleg Yurievich
Maksakov's murder is a treacherous and premeditated political murder.

It is a question of principles not to let that this murder - as the murder
of any class brother - remains without an exhaustive investigation and to
leave his murderers and instigators without punishment!

We call all workers leader, all workers and trade union organizations, all
groups and paties of the workers movement to organize together the most
large protest campaign demanding the immediate investigation of Oleg
Maksakov's murder.

A modest step in this sense was already given. On March 11th in the Moscow
Coordination Soviet of the Movement for a Workers Party (DZRP), it was
decided to address to all the workers and trade union organisations from
Russia, the CIS (Comunity of Independent States) and the whole world with
proposition of incorporating to the protest campaign, to start a massive
recollection of signatures demanding the investigation of Oleg Maksaov's
murder, co-ordinating the actions with the comrades of "Defense" the Union
of workers trade union from the Astrakan region.

March 2000

International Workers Party
Worker Faction of the Movement for a Workers party (DZRP)
Committee for a Workers International
Kirov Committee of Marxist's Union
"Defense" Trade Union Committee, Arzamas-16 city
Russian Workers Communist Party Committee, Arzamas-16 city
Marxists Union, Moscow Committee
"Centre Defense" Trade Union
Kozlov E.A., Secretary of the Communists Regional Party
Fighting Union for the working class liberation, Ufa city
"Defense - Worker's Resistance" Trade union, Bashkortostan Republic
Marxist Worker Party Council
Komsomol Committee, Kiev city (Communists Youth Union)
O. Torbasov, CC Secretary from the Russian Union of Communist Youth
"Workers Resistance" (CIO- Ucrania),
Maoist Platform from the Russian Union of Communist Youth (Bolsheviks)

Note: Send the pronouncements to the following post addresses or fax:

M. Guzhvin A.P.,
Fax: (7 8512) 22 95 14
Governor of Astrakan region
Astrakhan city,
ul. Sovietskaya, 15

Representative of Astrakhan government before the Federal Government
Fax: (7 095) 209 45 94

M. Oriekhov V.S., Astrakhan's Attorney (cc: Anisimov P.P.),
Fax: (7 8512) 22 22 48
Astrakhan city
ul. Nabierezhnaya Privolzhskovo Zatona, 5

Department of the Interior of the Russian Federation,
General Rushailo V.B.
Fax: ( 7 095) 925 20 98

GeneralAttorney of the Russian federation
Mr. Ustinov V.
Moscow City
ul. Kuznetsky Most, 13;

State Duma
Shein O. V.,
103009, Moscow, Georguiesvsky Pereulok, 2, kabinet 1441/A

Please send e-mail copies to the IWP: