Stop the War

New York anti-war demo

Iraq: Winning the War, Losing the Peace. From Frontline 10

The 'War Against Terrorism' - one year after 9-11. From Frontline 8.

See the Scottish Socialist Voice website for their coverage of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and Alan McCombes reports from Pakistan and Afghanistan

A History of the Afghan Left (04.03.02)

LPP success for Afghan appeal in Mustafabad (27.11.01)

Afghan Workers Solidarity Appeal launched internationally (27.11.01)

SSP launches solidarity appeal with Pakistan and Afghanistan. (10 Nov 2001)

SSP visit to Pakistan and Afghanistan - From Frontline 5.

Scottish Socialist Voice editor travels to Pakistan and talks to Afghan socialists. (10 Nov 2001)

LPP Rally in Rawalpindi

Labour Party Pakistan rally stopped by police

Labour Party Pakistan rallies for peace

Globalisation and War - Editorial from Frontline 4

New York and After - article from Frontline 4

War and the anti-globalisation movement

SSP executive statement

Scottish Socialist Voice editorial

Labour Party Pakistan statement

For extensive up-to-date coverage from the region see the Labour Party Pakistan website:

Anti-war news from US activists from the New York Socialist Alliance Project: New York Socialist Alliance Project