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SSP Conference 2004 - Report

Debate on National Question

Socialism, the 'national question' and the Independence Convention in Scotland, by Gregor Gall. We reproduce this pamphlet with the permission of the author.

Also in Frontline 11:

The Independence Convention and Socialist Strategy by Duncan Rowan.
The National Question in Western Europe by Murray Smith.

72, 581 votes for the SSP! Full results for 2001 General Election (08.06.01)

General Election 2001 SSP Manifesto (21/05/01)

General Election 2001 SSP candidates (21/05/01)

May 1st 2001 - Scottish socialists unite. SWP join SSP.

SWP: Proposals from the SSP Executive. 18.04.01

Drugs Debate - An Open Letter to the Daily Record. 04.03.01

Warrant Sales Bill Set to Become Law 11.12.00

Russian Workers MP Oleg Shein Visits Glasgow 10.07.00

SSP Conference 02.2000

Students fight fees plan Cubie Committee report released. 28.01.00

SSP opposes new anti-abortion group.A report from the SSP Womens Network.

Who are Precious Life? A report from Ireland.